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Review 5: IROAD Singapore Latest 2023 Wifi, 2-channel Dash Camera FX2, QX2, X10 and X11 review

WiFi, 2-Channel Car Dash Camera (Front & Rear)

IROAD FX2, QX2, X10 and X11 car dash camera review and price

All you want to know about the camera difference between IROAD FX2, IROAD QX2, IROAD X10, IROAD X11 review and price.

IROAD Car Dash Camera - Made in Korea

IROAD strive to be the global-leading dash camera by consistently improving and infusing many latest technologies to their dash camera over the years. Correspondingly, IROAD Singapore also ensure that the model they offer is up-to-date with the local (Singapore consumers) demand.

The 2-channel model that were no longer offered by IROAD Singapore includes the IROAD V7  V9  Q7  Q9  T9 T9F TX9  T10 X5 X9.

The current line of 2-channel WiFi models offer here by IROAD Singapore were the:

IROAD FX2, IROAD QX2 (newest), IROAD X10, and the IROAD X11.

IROAD FX2 FX 2 review front & rear car dash camera

IROAD FX2 review

IROAD FX2 is a affordable model and the second latest entry level model for IROAD WiFi 2-channel dash camera.

IROAD FX2 offers clear recordings for both front & rear camera with the Full-HD images capture at 2 Mega-Pixels (MP). Both front & rear camera also offers a generous wide angle of view of 140°, while competitors in the same price range may only provide a narrower angle of view, up to a maximum of 120° or 130° with lower image quality.

In line with IROAD's continuous effort to innovate, IROAD has decided to offer make the affordable model, the IROAD FX2 "more fun"; to stay competitive and to attract more "entry level" consumer. The IROAD FX2 offers:

-newer technology, Format Free 2.2 (improved image quality over the outdatedIROAD X5) and

-also built-in with more fun technologies (built-in GPS, ADAS 2.0 - lane departure warning, front collision warning & etc).

Hence, ​IROAD FX2 is a very competitive product in the dash camera market because it features all the three aspect of quality, reliability and affordability. The reasonable price tag (S$299), makes IROAD FX2 the popular and easy choice for consumers.

To cater for the increasing demands for higher image quality, IROAD SG has offered the IROAD QX2, IROAD X10 and IROAD X11.

IROAD QX10 QX 10 review front & rear car dash camera

IROAD QX2 review

IROAD QX2 is the latest 2023 addition into the IROAD car dash camera family and it is an improved model over IROAD FX2.

Looks/Features of IROAD QX2 compared to IROAD FX2

  • IROAD QX2 shares the same function, same outer shell (casing) as the IROAD FX2.

  • Except, IROAD QX2 outer shell is painted more "shinier". Hence, based on the "looks (outer shell)", it suggested that IROAD QX2 offers better quality.

  • And indeed, IROAD QX2 has much better image quality & wider angle over the IROAD FX2.

IROAD QX2 offers:

  • Front Camera: remarkable (2K resolution (Quad HD), 5 mega pixels), very generous wide angle of 160°.

  • While Rear Camera is decent: at Full HD,with a generous angle of 150°.

Furthermore, it also has the premium Sony image sensor applied to both front and rear camera to enhance the sharpness and night recording quality.

Hence, IROAD QX2 ($388) could be an attractive option for consumer; considering the (1) great image quality, (2) generous wide angle, while (3) only at the affordable low premium of $89 more than IROAD FX2 ($299).

IROAD X11 X 11 review front & rear car dash camera

IROAD X11 review

IROAD X11 is the all rounder in the"IROAD WiFi 2-channel car dash camera".

Front Cam: 2K resolution (Quad HD), 5 mega pixels and a great wide-angle of 155°.

Rear Cam: 2K resolution (Quad HD), 5 mega pixels and a great wide-angle of 155°.

IROAD X11 is a all-rounder and highly anticipated member IROAD X-Series for consumers with demand for better video quality.

From the first look at the product itself, IROAD X11 shares the similar striking appearance as their best product the IROAD X10; hinting that IROAD X11 would be a promising and high quality product.

Indeed, IROAD X11 is a promising product that feature remarkable image quality .Both front and rear camera of IROAD X11 has got remarkable 2K resolution (also known as Quad HD or QHD), 5 mega pixles (5MP) and also with the premium Sony image sensor to enhance the sharpness and night recording quality.

However, particularly for the front camera (which is more important in most cases), the X11 front camera (2K resolution) is still a distant behind the X10 front camera (the latest 4K Ultra-High resolution). On the other hand, the X11 rear camera (2K resolution) is somewhat better than the X10 rear camera (Full HD resolution).

X11, would be the perfect choice to consider; for consumers with demand for better video quality for both front and rear camera.

IROAD X10 X 10 review front & rear car dash camera

IROAD X10 review

IROAD X10 is the best model among the IROAD WiFi 2-channel dash camera "X-series",

X10 offers the latest 4K resolution:

Front Camera: 4K resolution (Ultra HD), 8 mega pixels and a super wide-angle of 165°. The ultimate sharpness is 4 times sharper than X9.

Rear Camera: Full HD, 2 mega pixels and a wide-angle of 145°.

IROAD X10 is a car dash camera designed to satisfy the car enthusiast with exceptional demand for image quality. X10 is a great product; it can effortlessly capture a remarkably wide area and very sharp images at all time (front). Beside the remarkable front image quality, X10 also has a more handsomely designed appearance (more striking and smarter looking) than it's younger sibling (FX or QX). However, the X10 rear is only Full HD, 2 mega pixels, which is acceptable for certain group of consumers: arguing that front in more important.

What's the Shared Features Between IROAD 2-Channel?

Key shared features between all IROAD SG WiFi 2 channel (Front & Rear) dash camera

The three tremendously popular features worth noting for all IROAD Singapore's 2 channel WiFi Dash Cam are the:

  1. "Wi-Fi" technology - convenient for user to perform live view / playback & download video / configuration via smartphone app

  2. "Format Free" software and

  3. the capability of IROAD camera to support parking surveillance recording mode:

  • 3a. Heat endurance capability

  • 3b. Automatic motion-recording capability

  • 3c. Battery Drainage Prevention Device

Click here to read out more about these three tremendously popular features (mentioned above)


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Summary of IROAD FX2, IROAD QX2 IROAD X10 and IROAD X11 review and price.

IROAD 2-channel WiFi dash camera price and review summary singapore

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