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- About SGDashCam's author Heng YX -

SGDashCam Author Heng YX
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Heng YX is the second generation business owner of Auto Edition Trading.

Unlike most of the people,

he fell in love with dash camera way before he owns a driving license and learn to appreciate cars.

Nearly a decade ago, YX started to help out his family business by importing car dash cameras from overseas. 

And he has built up an exceptional level of dash camera knowledge through his past experience of importing dash camera (from reputable brands from Korea, Taiwan and China) for the local (Singapore) market. He had the experience of liaising with many reputable dash camera brands' sales and research & development team. Hence, he has built an exceptional level of experience with dash camera.

YX's work has turn out to passion over time.

He is amazed by the cutting edge technology of the dash camera in the markets. Eg. Wi-Fi, 4K resolution.

He likes how dash camera works: "recording crisp and beautiful moments on the road". 

And he also likes how dash camera could protect the road users and shed the lights in many ways. E.g. deterrence to scammer and capturing hit and run moments.

His love for dash camera escalated as he witnesses how dash camera has helped to bring justice to

his beloved "drive", family, friends and people around him.

His love for dash camera simply couldn't be explained by words.

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Sample of our team's dash camera installation work on:

Mercedes Porsche Bentley Audi Lexus Toyota BMW and many more

Proudly done by our team with passion and dedication for dash camera

Iroad X9 dash camera Power Battery Pack install Mercedes C180
Iroad X9 dash camera Power Battery Pack install Mercedes C180
Iroad X10 dash camera install Porsche 911
Bulls-i dash camera install Bentley
Thinkware dash camera install Audi Q5
Iroad X9 dash camera install Lexus ES250
Iroad X10 dash camera install Subaru XV
Bulls-i dash camera install BMW 730
Iroad X5 dash camera install Toyota Vios
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