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Review 4: Reasons to Get IROAD Dash Camera and Battery Pack

IROAD is a world renown premium brand name for it's dash camera design and quality.

In vision to lead the domestic (Korea) and global position, IROAD has always priorities and seek ways to refine their products, in order to stay ahead of the competition and to capture the hearts of the consumers. Example the deployment of smart cutting-edge technologies in their products (The deployment of increasingly popular WiFi technology, latest 4K ultra HD resolution, 8 mega pixles, super wide angle among their product line) .

Together with the IROAD's increasingly innovative effort, their best product the IROAD X10 has won the Red dot Design Award for the Product Design. This is an international competition that was held by the Design Zentrum Nordrhein Westalen in Germany; where it assesses the 3 main components of the product (1) innovation, (2) aesthetics, and (3) usability.

Prompt after-sales support by the IROAD Singapore service center

Apart from maintaining a strong research & development pool in the Head Quarter (Korea), IROAD Singapore also has a strong technical team in Singapore to provide the locals (Singapore customer) with the prompt after-sales service. The IROAD Singapore service centre is located in Ubi; the team is well equipped and connected to the Korea head quarter to provide Singapore customer with timely support.

Hence, it is worth to invest in renown brand name like IROAD.

Particularly, IROAD SG

it has also distinguishes itself from the competitors, by offering all the essential and unique features that meets or exceeds the consumers expectations for most of their model.

1) Wi-Fi

The increasing popular Wi-Fi feature.

Using your smartphone's (Wi-Fi) you could:

-watch live video

-playback and download the recordings into your smartphone

-adjust the configurations of the camera

2) Viewing Angle

Generous Wide viewing angle of up to 165° (for the latest flagship product Iroad X10).

3) Resolution

Sharp images; with minimum Full-HD technology and above (4K, Ultra HD).

4) Support Parking Recording

1) Heat endurance capability

2) Automatically switched to motion-recording mode in parking (vehicle engine turn off). IROAD dash camera would also, automatically switched to continuous-recording mode when driving (vehicle engine turn on).

3) Built-in battery Drainage Prevention Device

5) Format Free Technology

-No need to format micro sd card regularly for data integrity

-This expensive technology is not offered by many manufacture. Hence, to ensure the data integrity of the data recorded (all video is properly in place and saved), the user have to manually format the micro sd card on a monthly basis.

For more info on the checklist, please read Review 1!

IROAD distinguishes itself from the competitors, by offering the LiFePO4 battery types. LiFePO4 is one of the most safest battery in the market, it is designed to safely contained the activities of:

1. Overcharging

2. Fast charging

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